Southern Yellow Pine floors are attractive and extremely durable; extending a life expectancy of well over 100 years. The golden-brown grain of this flooring adds warmth and light to any space. When buying natural pine flooring you have a choice to stain to your preference or finish with a varnish that brings out the pine’s natural coloring. This softwood is also more sustainable than others due to the fact that it grows much faster than hardwoods. Because of this sustainability pine is also half the price than other hardwoods that take longer to grow and cultivate.

Most all flooring is created with a stress relieving pattern on the underside. This pattern alleviates the risk of moisture-related dimensional changes such as cupping. Hollow back flooring has a large wide groove carved out on the underside and Kerf back has a series of grooves both serving the purpose of keeping boards flat over time and allowing ample amount of air flow throughout.

Southern Yellow Pine Flooring
- 1x4 (3.125” Coverage) • 6 - 16 ft. • .26¢ per Linear Ft. • $1 per Square Ft.
- 1x6 (5.125” Coverage) • 6 - 16 ft. • .43¢ per Linear Ft. • $1 per Square Ft.
- 1x8 (6.875” Coverage) • 6 - 16 ft. • .57¢ per Linear Ft. • $1 per Square Ft.
- 1x10 (8.875” Coverage) • 6 - 16 ft. • .73¢ per Linear Ft. • $1 per Square Ft.
- 1x12 (10.875” Coverage) • 6 - 16 ft. • 90¢ per Linear Ft. • $1 per Square Ft.
*Base starting price, prices vary depending on location.

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